Sponsors and Partners

In Partnership: Eskom Development Foundation

Eskom has partnered with the Small Business Expo, a platform for small businesses to market themselves and interact with prominent business leaders and representatives from a number of corporate companies.

Eskom is not only about power stations and pylons, at the heart of what Eskom does, is its people.

For that reason the Eskom Development Foundation has a strong focus on developing South African businesses through programmes such as the Business Investment Competition for entrepreneurs and their Simama Ranta Entrepreneurship Education Competition for high schools, both which will be featured at this year’s Small Business Expo.

This makes Eskom the ideal partner to promote growth, development and capacity building of small and medium businesses.


Sponsorship Partner: Nedbank 

Whether you are starting a business, running an established business or looking to expand, Nedbank has extensive experience in serving small businesses. We offer a comprehensive suite of payment, investment and finance solutions, as well as industry specialisation and services that extend beyond banking.

Telephone: 0860 555 111

Website: www.nedbank.co.za

Sponsorship Partner: Standard Bank

As South Africa's leading Business Bank, we understand what it means to do business in Africa and beyond. Whether your business is on to its next big deal, big idea or big win, we'd love to come along for the journey by offering specialist product expertise, strong local capacity and global distribution reach.

Telephone: 086 012 3000

Website: www.standardbank.co.za

Supported by: Randburg / Fourways Chambers of Commerce & Industry

  • Protects the interests of business in the region, promote the private enterprise system and market-orientated approach with equal opportunities for all while assisting businesses to adapt to realities that cannot be changed
  • Promotes member’s businesses locally and internationally and provide facilities for members to identify business opportunities through events, information services, advertising and other special business development facilities available from the Chamber.
  • Contributes to the formulation of national and local policies on key issues that affect business – be the voice of business operating in Randburg, Sandton and Midrand and give these localities a better place on the economic map
  • Influences constructively the environment & operating conditions nationally and in our area of responsibility
  • Attracts local and international investment to our area of responsibility and facilitate international business and contacts
  • Acts as a business information, training and facilities resource utilizing members expertise – aimed at assisting members to grow their business and fulfill a leading role in the community
  • Promotes security, the growth of business, employment skills in the region
  • Contributes towards business expertise and resources to community development projects addressing social needs


Telephone: 086 101 9218




Associate Partner: Minara Chamber of Commerce

The Minara Chamber of Commerce is a formally constituted organization formed in May 2000 , through an initiative by the Muslim community to create unity between Muslim businesses after consultation with a broad spectrum of the business community,  and has since grown tremendously and now serves as a platform to represent and assist South African businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.


Telephone: 011656 0466


Supported by: SiMODiSA Start-Up

The SiMODiSA Association has been established as a powerful industry led initiative to specifically address – and determine – what can be done to overcome the barriers that SMEs and start-ups face. It is critical to address these barriers, such as access to capital, access to markets, access to talent and the lack of supportive enabling environments, in order to catalyse supportive ecosystems where such businesses can grow and thrive.


Telephone: 011 037 4536


Endorsed by: Black Management Forum

The BMF espouses a value system which embraces high standards and sets tone and measure in business ethics, not only amongst black organisation, but South African society in general

Through its value system, its disciplines and perseverance towards a just cause, the leadership of the BMF has made a meaningful contribution to the stability of the country and the progress made on socio-economic development.

The organisation builds confidence and capacity amongst black managers by providing a support structure that facilitates their integration into a business environment which is often hostile and unsupportive.


Telephone: 011 037 4536