Giving birth as an entrepreneur

Giving birth is not as glamorous as it seems – I just wish more people spoke about the gory details more than they do “grin and bear the smile” for the social media posts.

From the pregnancy even. Those that ask you about the morning sickness, the physical discomfort of being pregnant and the sleepless nights know that it’s all part of the deal. While the degrees of severity vary, it is 99% likely to happen – you are going to get ill, experience discomfort and struggle to sleep.

The birth itself is overwhelming. You push so hard, coached by all sorts of specialists, just to make sure the birth is as beautiful as you’d imagined.

I thought it would be easier the second and third time around. Here’s what I learnt though – the pregnancies will humble you because you know what is coming. Ironically, knowing what’s coming could lead to arrogance and you could rush things or make silly mistakes. Keep the humility by living in the moment.

Giving birth to my first business taught me a lot and I find I was a bit more patient. With this next business I need to unlearn a few things, relearn from the old ways and learn new things.

For instance, I’ve had to let go of my issues about having multiple directors in the business because I value the team work more. Since the last time I had multiple directors in the business, I have learnt to have contracts in place.

I am better at bootstrapping the costs and being productive.

While I’m preparing to announce the birth of my new ventures, it would be great to hear from entrepreneurs that have been given birth to more than one business. 


By: Marang Marekimane, May 2018