Entrepreneurship – the must-have badge

We use the term entrepreneurship very loosely. Very often it is used as the substitute for employment, and as a synonym for business ownership. It has become the badge we all want – but few of us dare to wear.

Entrepreneurs are interested in creating and packaging new solutions or a new approach to doing something – that also implies they deal with a lot of unknowns, and there is a “pay as you go” method to improving the offering and its value in the market.

While business owners are distributors of established solutions – this implies there are more certainties for them in the markets they operate in.

Given those two views, it makes sense why it is easier for business owners to access markets or funding – the world understands what they’re doing. There is a track record in the market to base decisions on.

Then there’s one other category we don’t speak much of, at that’s the option of being a freelancer. – which is like being an “all-saver” – meaning you work where this work.

Do these labels matter? I don’t think so. Not for long at least. what does matter is the mindset of the individual that’s labelled.

What entrepreneurship encourages is being solutions-oriented vs adopting the norm. Entrepreneurship encourages that we question the way we have been doing things and seek an alternative.

That’s why entrepreneurship is seen as the “must have badge”. If we all had that mindset to seek alternative means to a better quality of life, we’d be better placed to deal with unemployment, but more importantly, we would get closer to eliminating poverty.


By: Marang Marekimane, May 2018