Black Money Business

I have often hear many entrepreneurs boldly say that if they are black they demand money, funding, projects from government. On the contrary, many black entrepreneurs have no faith in this "support BBBEE" companies. Where do we miss it?

Money has no preference to the colour of your skin. It looks to favor those who are wide in mind
How many entrepreneurs do we know of who received lots of money and they made nothing of it, instead they are back at square one.

Being black, young and have access to government money doesn't procure success. Success comes with wisdom and character, a paradigm shift rather than access to funding or a BBBEE certificate.
I see lots of entrepreneurs knocking on the wrongs doors at the wrong time demanding all sorts of funding to start this big bang theory of theirs. The right question to ask is "what if there was no funding at all, would you still pursue that business?"

Our mindset about money and how to access it as black people should change. I for one still struggle to even get a black business to support another. It's almost impossible to still find healthy functional exchange of business between black owned companies. If we can perfect that than black entrepreneurs don't need funding for small ideas.

We have raised a generation that doesn't want to start new ideas, they only look for opportunities. Even our companies are general, we do anything. One moment you are a builder, a gardener, a cleaner, next you are in mining. Who knows, when a government leader needs a heart transplant you will be found wearing scrubs with a scalpel and now you are a doctor.

Opportunity-preneurs are like farmers who wear suites to knock on doors for opportunities while they have bags of seeds and a spade in the garage.. Start your own opportunities, it will require some hard work. The best time to plant something is now. The best time to start a business is now watch it grow to what you expect. Yes it takes hard work and yes giving up will linger in your mind. Yes some of your peers are doing better but remember we all plant at different seasons and get rewarded at different times. Eventually you will reap your harvest

Money should be treated as a slave at all times. If we forget this very principle in business than all your life money will be your master and you the slave. It starts with simple things. If you fail to manage it whiles it's still little you will fail to manage it when you have more. A mentor once said” money is not good or bad, it's the hands it falls on that makes it good or bad”

it’s not the color of your skin that attracts money, it's your state of mind and character that will make you successful.

By Thabo Nxumalo