6 Key business processes for any business

Every business needs processes and systems, no matter the size. Customers do not just buy a product or service. Customers buy into the way you do things. They will refer others to you for that experience.

Any business needs these 6 processes to manage:

  1. How you get noticed by potential customers – this process markets the business to attract customers. Is what you are doing bringing you the right customers?
  2. Growing a good team – from how you recruit people to how they can grow in the business. It includes how you attract and structure your partnerships.
  3. How you deliver the product and service – How will customers buy from you? Build this with the customer in mind.
  4. The money trail – you need a way to track what you make, what you spend. A really good process would include reporting and projections.
  5. The business operations – that is the one that makes sure all the other processes are working. Things like an HR Policy or maintenance.
  6. How decisions are made – Monitor what is going on in the business so you can create strategies to improve the business. Track your sales. The results will inform your sales and marketing strategy.

It helps to look at your business in different ways - as a customer, a staff member, the business owner and stakeholder.

Which processes do you need to work on?

About the author

Marang Marekimane is the founder and CEO of Business Process Mechanics.  You have a specialty, and she’s a specialist at finding tools to automate the business processes and exposing opportunities to increase access to markets, reduce unemployment and scale your business.

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